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 Updated 21-10-2010



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Hass' Puma


Puma is now in the age of  years and  month(s).


  Puma as about 8 weeks old.  
  We were at a cat friend visit at Lena and Heidi Hass
A lovely lunch, and a wonderful bunch of kittens playing around us.
Puma stole our hearts and were very obliging.

A little chat in the car on our way home.
This were not planned!
3 days, another look.. and it was clear for us,
that we had to share our life with her.
She is just wonderful and gorgeous..

Pumsen, Poms, but also Puma
is her nicknames


6 1/2 month - photo 2003.11.14


The trip home



Pause halfway home.
A trip home, which went all over expectation. A heavy heat, new sounds and away from all the security.
Puma? ..She was just  curious, purring, and  impressed us totally. Felt our hearts up.



First, it was only us...
who thought it was a good idea!



Today best heart friends. Puma and Delmira


  2 wise females
We believe they won't be heart friends, unfortunately!
Today being together is just ok..
The first couple of days were best near by us.


The best is just together with Hoense and Mira.
Drysse licks her, we have the feeling, that she's trying to lick her away from a good place.


BÝrge and Puma

  Then it happens.. about 200% !
Puma loves Boerge and opposites.
The "girls" and I have to adapt it under the new priority.
I have tried all possibilities, but no way!.
Puma's  " Heart belongs to daddy"


Dad's kitty



Pumsen like to talk with everybody.
Here it's Dennis, who have a visit. (Boerges son)

But it's at Boerge, she belong.
I believe, it began already at the visits at Lena and  Heidi, when she was a baby.
Puma want to be at or nearby Boerge
And that's great, cuz the other is a little bit mom sick.


Some pictures... No, a lot!


A new type in the house.  ( That gives many pics. )
Both in look and manner.
It's fun and fascinating.

A wonderful temper, co-operative and trustful.. intelligent.
As Lena says: It's hard to get a word told, when you start talking about Puma *ss

New movements.. new hunting methods.
It's really fun to see that.

We are looking a little after mom Eema in her look.
Dad O'Malley is easy to see.



The innocence itself 



Pumsen is always sitting so sweet, and looking out the window.
( Take a look at her adorable curly "wild" whiskers, we are crazy with them )



Upss !



Take a look, it's Mira who does it...

But dear Puma, flowers have always been your favorites. + the small stone's in the pot's. They are great to play with, right?  

And what so yesterday, when we took pictures ?  ( 2003-11-15 )



Who  teased the photographer?

And were it necessary with 2 bodyguards on Mira?



The yeast tablets were standing at the table, Puma!

The feather brush didn't, photografer! 



Ok, peace again. You were beautiful to photograph, when it became your turn, sweetie.



And when it was all over, you did take a nap in your homemade studio.

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