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CH. ShaggyTail's Delmira

Grp. 3

Showplace Date Class Judge Result
Krusaa 2003-06-29 12 Aliosha Romero Ex3 out of 4
Nyborg 2003-09-07 11 Per Hilfling-Olesen Ex4 out of 6
Hjallerup 23-11-2003 11 Penny Bydlinski Ex4 out of 4
Ribe 27-06-2004 9 Louis Coste Ex2 out of 4
BrÝrup 25-09-2004 9 Ulrike Wahl Ex2  
BrÝrup 26-09-2004 9 John Rudolph Ex2  
Holstebro 05-03-2005 9 Mai-Britt Stein CAC  
Horsens 23-10-2005 9 Alexey Shchukin CAC out of 3
Hjallerup 20-11-2005 9 Anneli Persson CAC Champion
Struer 01-04-2006 7 Minna Krogh CACIB  
Our way to show results.
1..It follow  Mira's history. Every time she have been showed.
2..We write the number of cat's, she has been  in competition with.
3..Then we have taken other's good idea up (From 2003)
At a click on the judge name, you will see the judge report  (Translated after our best capability! )
Some times can an Ex3 or 4 be great to get!
Other times can an Ex1 just be a Ohh.. hmm yes!  ( if you are alone in the class )

Not for taken the glory of an Ex1 away, the points have to be there anyway.
But, they can be there on an Ex2 - 3 or 4 too..
( If the cat were up alone, or up against someone other, than they just met that day. )
But an order has to be choused, and on 1 or several points, ok, there stands the EX1 that day.
We believe, that's the reason we meet's at shows, and fight in a friendly "open match" ? .
Ex1 BIV NOM BIS  That's the dream, our goal.