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Updated  2010-10-21 



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Drysse is now in the age of  years and  month(s).


Our Dryssegirl
An excitement of a beautiful little kitten
changed our life totally.


Drysse is our first Norwegian Forest cat.
Before that, we shared our life with a couple of
beautiful domestic cat's.

We have had so many lovely experiences with Drysse.
Shows - new friends - and not to forget she gave us with her way to be Drysse at :

An almost absorbing interest for the

Norwegian Forest cat



Intelligent - easily trained - brave and sensory nerves. An unbelievable talking body language.

Light distancing, maybe a little cold girl.
Not unsympathetic we just have the feeling, that she knows her worth and beauty.
And expect of course a little portion of  good manners by her slaves !
A lovely and very fascinating cat to share our life with.
( and to be brought up by ! )


A trip in one of the city parks...
or a little bit longer out in the green

She and we loves it.
She likes to show her, but with style and dignity.
Lots of those we meets on our way, simply gets infatuated of her.
And that gives us the possibility to tell about those beautiful Norwegian forest cats.

  Drysse as a mother.  
  A really lovely and tender kitty mom  
  2 big lovely girls the day after the birth. And Drysse's tender continuous. Here it's Cayenne 13 weeks old.  
  A couple of lovely beautiful kitten... Chip and Cayenne.  
We need to tell a little about him.
Drysse's first birth and our first kitten.

Drysse gave a nice birth
But unfortunately it ended in a tragedy.
About births and more there will later come a new page on our homepage.

He just have to be on this page, our little LeoPolle.
When he quiet left us 2 days old, our forest cat world  were suddenly changed.

He become the beginning of lots of questions. First at our place, then between breeder friends, and later that summer at public meetings.

Afterwards, In a way, it was course of him the beginning of the database.
In our hearts it's dedicated to him, and all the other coming small NFO-kitten.

The Base, as it grow, became Boerges great hobby.



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