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Europa's Hønse gård ( Hønse) & EC. Hass' Pongo

Klik for stort billede. Klik for stort billede.

photo 20 mar. 2003

Don Diego.. Daniella.. Delmira.. Dolce Evita.. Donna Elvira..


Don Diego is going to daddy Pongo at first.
Later on, he's moving to Sweden.


ShaggyTail's Don Diego
Born  2003-02-04 05 AM 
Weigh 84 gr.



I haven't time for this photo fiddle-faddle, I'm fishing!!

Greetings Diego.


photo.. 8april Diego weigh today 1022 gr. 9 weeks old.

Dolce Vita is sold to Joan and her family
A lovely life is waiting.
Near the North Sea's waves and freshly winds.
A very lovely family from  the Faeroe islands, which we happily let have Dolce.


ShaggyTail's Dolce Vita
2003-02-05, 10.30 PM
Weigh 68 gr.



10 April  Dolce weigh today 912 gr. 9 weeks old.


I just got this picture in the last second! The next second, you can see upper to the right!

Little girl.. the name still is being used, even though, she's following the others in weigh. She is very cozy and comes together with Delmira always first to be cozen...

Daniella is sold to Signe and her family.
Also here expects a great  cat life for Daniella.
A  wonderful positive young family with kids and a little dog
A life surrounded by beautiful Funen woods.


ShaggyTail's Daniella
2003-02-05, 17.35 PM
Weigh 100 gr.



And right after Diego, Daniella was ready to some photo fun. She's easy to photograph, especially when it comes near sleeping time... but first she have to get washed a little.. lovely she is
10 APRs: Daniella weigh today 970 8weeks old.
8 April.. We begin to know the differences between them, but we have to look them on the stomach from time to time, when we get in doubts.
Donna Elvira looks a little bit darker, but we still hold Daniella new cut.. because it's hard to see..

Donna Elvira is sold to Sandie .
Now they get a great life together, and right now is daddy making a running yard..
Donna is going to live in our area. Very spoilt too, we believe, but Donna doesn't know anything about that yet.


ShaggyTail's Donna Elvira
 2003-02-05, 18.45 PM
Weigh 98 gr.



A sweet innocence


Filled with fun and games.

10 april Donna Elvira  weigh today 1110 gr. 9 weeks old.


Delmira stays in the cattery.
Yes, poor little her! We can't give her so great a life, like her sisters, yet, but we can still give her love and tender, and maybe she would rather have her fishing trips etc...
sadly to say goodbye to the litter, men wonderful  to know, they all got good homes.


ShaggyTail's Delmira
Born 2003-02-05,
19.30 PM
Weigh 118 gr.


Delmira... a great personality, still in a young body.
There's nothing to do... she took us with storm from day 2 or 3..
She's not chosen from technical criteria's or expecting's about a top-cat.
Maybe she will do all right, and give us good experiences there too? That would be great.

We believe, that she have chosen us, not the other way..

Here it was the meaning, we should take kitten pictures!!
Hmmm.. we did that...a very big couple, "there went into kitten age"


In the meantime the really kitten enjoyed it

6. march.. A little time in excess. And then try to make kitten pictures.. Tjaeh.. I believe, I'll wait until we are 2 to do it! At the upper picture, they are there all five!


Æhh ..honestly! Don't do that!!
.. My name is Delmira, and I'll keep that name.



photo 16 feb.  Now everything is all right, and she loves her kittens.

Hønse showed clear signs on birth at 3/2.03  6 days before term
And we were very unhappy over that.
The prognosis isn't very good for kittens born a week early.
Luckely it hold 3 days, and we got a wonderful  litter full of vitality.
There was just the male kitten, who said hello to the world a day before the others.