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We have got 2 quite adorable kittens after:


Europa's Friske Stjernedrys (Drysse) & Mismads 99-31


ShaggyTail's Chip
Born 8.12.2002, 19:43 PM
Born weigh 126 gr.

NFC d 09 (tabby) Female
ShaggyTail's Cayenne
Born  8.12.2002, 19:38 PM
Born weigh 140 gr.

NFC d 09 (tabby), Female




3 lovely girls.
Siff was at our place, to say hello to Chip.
We are so happy, that our "milky-girls" get some wishing homes.




14.01.2003. 6 weeks and 724g - 778g.
Chap take the leadership, and is heaviest Developing the followed each other fine
We can feel the 2 weeks of age på the kittens, but it seems not so clear as for just a week ago.
More pic`s here  hverdag
02.01.2003    Nearly 4 weeks and 566g - 590g.. Chap only 2g away from Guffe.
They been treated very well, as Hønse still is a master police CHIEF and Idun is graduated for nursing now!
photo:02.01.03    Cayenne is ready to study more

Chip just want to be in the playing room



photo 02.01.2003

22.12.2002 .. 2 weeks old, and both on weight 378g. Et couple of very strong and powerful kittens
For us, it's a little bit funny to get this "new" color inside, and the fact's that they are so "twins". Lovely they are.
Hey..Whats up,duck ?

Not quite fast..?

Think twice!!

Gardienparade! Hønse is the tuffest.

Don't like that's photo stuff !

Uhhh Chip Now it's your turn...


OK...My best smile (or meow)

Noo.. That isn't funny to be a model...Cayenne

We can only say thanks a lot to Camilla and Jacob, who said yes, when we would give Drysse another chance.
And lovely Mismads has proved, that he make perfect kittens.
He did once more.
Maybe 2 isn't much? noo, but we know from Drysse's lines, that she isn't giving many kittens.
2- 3- 4 kitten, she isn't getting large litters, but great and big kittens, And that's what Mismads give too, large kittens.
There will come pictures of the boys, but until that, enjoy the picture from the birth "clinic"
They are really cute, and here, at their second living day their weigh is 160 Gr. and 176 Gr.
So if Guffe wanted some playmates with powder in, ohh yes, she got it. They mix in a beautiful harmony and mix even the moms too, so Guffe isn't a single child anymore, lovely.

Cozy visit at Hønse and Guffe


No Guffe! They ain't gonna be painted blue!
photo: Dec. 10. Guffe 292 gr. - Chap188 gr - Chip168 gr.


And so sweet do we look like, when we get our will.. Mmmmm

We had arranged with Renate and Nicklas, that we could manage the mating papers for Hoense and Pongo Sunday 8. Dec. And if they took the trip to Herning, then they could have a look at Guffe too.
Well knowing, that it could give a little noise.
It wasn't the two  wonderful people, who gave it.... Nope..
The object was:
Make peace and quietness, harmony and a little happiness for Drysse, Hønse and Guffe and don't forget Dunne.
Easy, right?
1..Hoense is in heat, like it was a springtime day
( easy to look down, blushing, and apologies the girls behavior)
2..Drysse can count!.. the day for the birth is know..
3..We have made another fine birth cage, which was accepted..
(we believed)
4..In fact, we had only 2 choices, and not the 3.! (which was our favorite).. there where Hoense and Guffe was.
5..Tjaeh :) Drysse can this sh.. and our Q has a will of iron, so after she have fooled around with her obliging parents very well in the ring for a little days time, it ends up with she's taking the a.. on Boerge in a split second.
Boerge was gone to look, if everything was ok with Hoense and Guffe in the bedroom, and forgot to close the door after him. It went fast, and now Drysse was laying in the cage in the bedroom again.
We gave up, couldn't do it it.. so Guffe and Hoense had to move in to living room. So Vine and I tried to make it well for Hoense and Guffe.. !!

Boerge went in to Drysse a few minutes later, and got very confused.. he had just been in the living room with Guffe and now a meow in the cage...

19.38 A big welcome to the world - Cayenne.
140 Gr. Red/white girl kitten, which haven't the time to get born before it was dinnertime *ggg.. Guess her weigh here this next morning...? *ggg 156 Gr.

19.41 Welcome to the world - Chip'pe-Line
126 Gr. Red/white boy or girl kitten, don't know yet, and hard to tell, and he/she was also born just in the dinnertime! The weigh now is 138 Gr.

So a couple of splendid North Jutland's is landed in Herning. And we are so happy and proud and sends a big big thanks to Camilla and Jacob in Brønderslev. We got a beautiful yes, when we wanted to give Drysse one more chance.
Chip and Chap get their own site, so Guffe can keep his.
Can they be called anything? *ggg
We make the pages, and of course there will come pictures, but give time, dear friends.
For do you know what?
We made the job.. There is made quietness and harmony and a hole bunch of happiness now.

We did?
Æhh didn't the girls do it themselves? I case, they got their will once more!

              IT'S TIPPLE.... OK, THEN WE STOP!!!